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These Department 56 artists will be attending events
at the NCC Silver Rush 2017 - 25th Anniversary Gathering
Tom Bates Ann Dezendorf Scott Enter Paul Lundberg
Tom Bates Ann Dezendorf Scott Enter Paul Lundberg

Check out the NCC 25th Anniversary Gathering menu item on the left for information on our next gathering........

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The Department 56 2017 Introductions have been officially announced.
Department 56 New Department 56
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Platinum Dealer
Platinum Dealer Exclusive Pieces

The NCC will announce the 2017 Platinum Key Dealer Exclusive items on the behalf of Department 56 in the next issue of the NCC Club Connection.
Two new Platinum Dealer Exclusive pieces for Dickens Village have been announced.
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Platinum Key Dealer Associate Members

near you.

Have you heard about Village Friends

Department 56 has launched a new incentive for collectors who want to be connected to the Village Team!
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Department 56

It has arrived!!!
The December 2016 - February 2017 NCC Club Connection has arrived
and is now available to all club reps & club members
by clicking on the Club Connection link on the left.

Contact your NCC club rep for the password if you need it.

New      NCC Associate Members

Stay tuned as we prepare to announce
our newest Associate Members!

Check out our newest Associate Member of the NCC.... Hollyhocks' Gift Shop in the historic town of Columbus, MS, click on the Associate Members link to the left!

Department 56

This gorgeous display was built at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House for Christmas, 2016 by the Village Addicts Anonymous Nicholas McKevitt's 2016 Halloween Village, Heritage Treasures Collectors Club of Long Island Nicholas McKevitt's 2016 Halloween Village, Heritage Treasures Collectors Club of Long Island Patty Duncan's Snowbabies Centerpiece Bert Sebastian's Yard Sale display Patti Lucas's Snowbaby display Vanessa Taylor's display Kathy Lauer Gibson's display Cheryl Domingo's display Ellen Knorr Somerwill of the Queen City Villagers display Susie Clough O'Brien's display Billy Edwards, Valentines Day Kai Costerd of the West Coast Collectors, Valentines Day Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria All New Villages and Snowbabies for 2016! It's our 40th anniversary. A delightful display by Sue Chretien of the Southwest Villagers Chad & Melissa Harmon's 2015 North Pole village. Happy New Year 2016 Pete & Trudi Baer of the Annapolis Villagers, display cabinet. Highclere Castle

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Videos from our Collectors

Kai Costerd of the West Coast Collectors in Richmond, BC, Canada created this Christmas display for 2016!

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