The NCC unveiled the 2006 NCC Pin at the Chicago 2006 gathering.

This year's pin is dedicated to Jack Skeels
The pin is available through the NCC Store

"NCC Panama  Canal Cruise"

Stay tuned for the story

First photos of the cruise. Thanks to...
Jim Murphy

Dick Pruden

Green Bay Gathering

(Photo Courtesy of David Spears)

Terry Timmerman, Green Bay Event President greets the Green Bay City Council President

“Ed, the NCC Snowman”

Ed, the NCC Snowman, the latest National Council of 56 Clubs (NCC) Exclusive piece produced by Department 56, was introduced at the Region 8 Gathering in Texas in July, 2005. “Ed, the NCC Snowman” is named after Ed Bazinet the founder of Department 56. During his 22 years as president and under his guidance, Department 56 grew from an unknown branch of a Minnesota floral company to the leading gift and collectibles company in America.

This is the eighth Member Exclusive piece developed by Department 56 for the members of the NCC Member Clubs. The other pieces were the "Collectors Club House", "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessories in five-different colors, and "Jack’s Umbrella Shop"(still available to order click here). “Ed, the NCC Snowman” is made of porcelain holding an umbrella with all the colors of the prior NCC umbrella pieces (red, yellow, blue, green & silver) as well as the Department 56 and NCC logos. The piece stands 2 5/8” tall and will fit in any of the Villages.

NCC Member Clubs will be able to order “Ed, the NCC Snowman” through order forms that will be sent to each club’s NCC Rep. The cost to order will be $15 each and for every 15 ordered (not combined orders), by a club, the NCC will give the club one FREE piece.

“Ed, the NCC Snowman” is a piece that members can enjoy as well as giving the NCC Member Clubs a NCC exclusive Department 56 piece to offer in recruiting new members. Each member of a Member Club may order up to two (2) and the Member Club may order as many as they would like to use as Door Prizes and recruiting tools. More detailed information is in the pre-order packet sent to the NCC Club Reps and Associate Members.

If you are not a member of one of the 145 NCC Member Clubs located across the US and Canada and would like to be a member in order to purchase one of these special exclusive Snowmen you can click here to find a club in your area. Clubs that are not currently members of the NCC may join or rejoin the NCC by paying 2005 and 2006 dues of $36 a year and then order “Ed, the NCC Snowman”. Membership information and applications are available by clicking here. If there is not a club available click here to E-mail for information.

2005 is the year of "Ed, the NCC Snowman”, don't miss out on this special NCC Exclusive! The 2005 NCC lapel pin designed in the likeness of "Ed, the NCC Snowman" has also been introduced and available for order thru NCC Member Clubs.

For more information contact Bob Obenland, NCC President, at 561-752-0450

Photo Courtesy of Jerry Fernon of the Village Landlords.

New NCC Region Reps - click here

Dickens 7 Winners


I am pleased to report that collectors contributed $2000 to the Salvation Army Katrina Fund

The winners are:

1st prize the first seven Dickens Houses

John C. Dunphy of DePere Wisconsin
Wishigan Collectors Club           

2nd prize Jack’s Umbrella shop signed by Jack Skeels
Bob & Joan Herman of Scottsdale, Arizona
Southwest Villagers

3rd prize Collector’s Club House Signed by Susan Engel
Dickens of a 56 Club, Rockford, Illinois

4th prize Framed artist copy of Collector Club House Accessory
Michael & Deborah Quezambra of Palos Verdes Estates, California

 Village Addicts Anonymous

On behalf of the NCC I would like to thank all of you who took part in this raffle started by Jack Skeels and continued in his memory.  We are sure the Salvation Army and the victims of last year’s hurricanes appreciate your help and generosity.

NCC presented Judith Price with a Memory Book

The NCC presented Judith Price with a Memory Book in honor of her retirement at the NCC Dickens Festival at the Chicago Gathering April 23rd. The book is 98 pages of pictures, cards and letters arranged by region. It will certainly serve to spark special memories of the many club members and good times as she traveled the country meeting collectors during her 15 years with Department 56 as Ms. Lit-Town.
Judith Price Announces her Retirement

Judith Price has announced her retirement from Department 56 effective January 2, 2004. The announcement was made this past week-end (Dec. 5-7) at the Department 56 Sales Conference.

Her long tenure with Department 56 and her dedicated support of collectors and the Gatherings we all enjoy so much has allowed many of us to feel like Judith is a true friend. She will be greatly missed by the collectors and the NCC. She has been a great supporter of the NCC and clubs. We all wish her well in her retirement.